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Business analysis

Business analysis is at the beginning of every IT and software project. Stakeholders will be defined as personas and the scope of the project and the goals will be fixed. team members, estimate costs, and set milestones until the project ends. In addition, we recommend creating a minimal prototype and a test run with future users. This ensures that all expectations are met. This conceptual work lays the foundation stone of your project and must therefore be carried out as concretely and realistically as possible. If this fails, problems arise at the beginning of the project phase that torpedo the timing and increase costs.

Our experts have excellent knowledge of the IT industry as well as the associated software development processes. This know-how allows you to take an independent position and objectively assess your project progress. Just determine a project team and in two half-day workshops we will work with your team to create the project plan. This means that nothing stands in the way of the success of your IT or software project.

Start your project successfully with our experts and meet all expectations!



Once you are looking for a suitable implementation partner, it is up to you to create a specification. This should contain all the requirements of your project and highlight the project goal. The specifications are a rough concept and contribute significantly to the success of the further course of the project. Complications often occur in formulation. It is also necessary to constantly check whether all project participants have internalized the goal of the solution equally.

The more precisely these requirements are written, the more likely they are to succeed in project implementation. We support you in the operational assessment of your requirements and involve the appropriate specialist departments of your company at an early stage. In consultation with the specialist departments, the functional groups are duly specified and the business benefits are also collected and the expected costs are estimated. Each functionality receives a separate cost-benefit assessment through our work. This makes it easier for departments to prioritize the documented requirements and to dispense with inefficient software functions. Our method guarantees you an efficient software solution that is tailored to your needs.

Relieve your employees and put the entire tender process in our hands. From planning to execution, monitoring and reporting, take care of your core business.

Our specialists will provide you with a meaningful, target-group-oriented specification. Tailored to your personal IT or software project! And by applying our Requirements Excellence methodology, you save important resources during the implementation phase and increase the quality of your requirements.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Support in raising IT needs
  • Consolidation of requirements
  • Conversion of requirements into specifications
  • Automated specification generation
  • Comparability of specifications
  • Costing & Valuation Model
  • Must/Can Definition

Lay the foundation stone of your project structured, detailed & formulated according to target groups!


Supplier selection

The selection of the most economically and technically suitable implementation partner are essential success factors for your project. Precise preparation, transparency and identification of the specific objective decision criteria are required in order to select the optimal partner.

In order to find the best possible provider for you, we take a neutral position. An objective evaluation and a high degree of transparency are important quality criteria for our experts. ReqPOOL creates a decision and evaluation matrix with you, on the basis of which we compare the implementation concepts – specifications – of the various service providers with your specifications. Through a gap analysis, we can predict whether your project is successful with this provider.

Within a very short time you can get an overview of the various service providers. Based on predefined key figures and taking into account your compliance rules, you can then choose a suitable service provider.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Specific offer comparison
  • Transparent offer process
  • Provider classification
  • Voting round with providers
  • Rating & Recommendation of the Provider
  • Documented procurement process

Choose the right service provider for your project and prevent implementation difficulties.



We accompany you throughout the implementation phase and support you with professional project management. This follows on from the project planning and runs parallel through all project phases. Monitoring project implementation ensures compliance with your cost and budget plan

Our experts offer the highest level of transparency and ensure that no unscheduled requirements are processed during implementation and that the requirements documented in the specifications are precisely implemented.

Technical and technical changes are not uncommon and are part of every project. These requests for changes – change requests – are compared with the specifications and checked for plausibility and feasibility. With our reporting, you can keep track of the work required at all times and control your costs. Furthermore, test scenarios have to be developed continuously during the implementation.

Our experts accompany you in their implementation and continuously monitor the tests. This ensures the quality of your project and enables problems to be identified and resolved at an early stage.

Certified by the Project Management Institute of the USA, our project managers support keeping your IT or software project in the right direction and avoiding delay.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Support for project management
  • Documented request changes & work steps
  • Transparent project status
  • Cost & Success Control
  • Change

Keep track of your project and avoid unnecessary costs.


Project acceptance

Within a very short time we can make statements about the quality, the implementation progress and the completeness of your project. This allows you to determine whether your project has successfully completed or whether a further development phase is needed for completion.

The user interfaces specified in the specifications are also implemented, tested for complete function and compared with the target set out in the specifications.

Our experts ensure an objective and transparent acceptance of your project.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Clear & reliable project controlling
  • Documentation
  • Gap Analysis Needs & Specification
  • Acceptance test based on IT requirements

Complete your project successfully and use your IT or software solution from day one without errors.

Insights» Software procurement

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