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Success factors of comprehensive requirements engineering

Starting with requirements elicitation, documentation, testing and evaluation, up to the continuous management of requirements during implementation, requirements engineering is a complex topic with effects on the entire software project.

ERP and the underestimated human factor

With the ERP Software Excellence Methodology (ERP-SEM) from ReqPOOL, you have the human factor in your sights right from the start and can lay the foundation for a successful introduction through appropriate change management methods.

Digitization compass

With the digitization compass, ReqPOOL has created a tool for B2B and B2C companies that offers them an analytical and structured method for validating the existing strategy and developing an optimal digitization strategy.

Exciting technical contributions on digitalization

online service platforms

Business customers increasingly require state-of-the-art technologies and expect a positive user experience. For this reason, the topic of online service platforms is becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector and brings with it the opportunity to increase sales potential through additional digital services.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a topic that is receiving more and more attention in today’s business world.

Technology Forum

In 2019, the “German-Austrian Technology Forum” aimed at decision-makers and those interested in digital transformation will focus on the main topic “People, Data, Business Models”.


Blockchain technology makes everything safer, easier, cheaper and faster. Is that really the case?

Agile organizations based in The United States

With ReqPOOL, the transformation from
IT service provider to digital solution provider
and agility can be introduced at all levels of the organization
and also the management can be integrated
into the agile working method.

Software expense estimate

The basis of any industrialized software project is the initial cost estimate. Resources must be planned, costs estimated, and milestones set by the end of the project.

ReqPOOL Insights.

Learn more about software innovations, modern business software solutions, and self-adapting companies.

Software procurement

> Business analysis

> Specification

> Supplier selection

> Implementation

> Project acceptance

Agility in software development at a fixed price

Due to the significantly shorter release cycles of 2 to 4 weeks, the so-called sprints, agile procedures enable the fast and uncomplicated communication of changes.

Evaluation and analysis of software

> Procedure and methods of analysis

> Results and objectives

> References

The self-adapting company

The growing complexity of our everyday lives requires the use of self-learning algorithms. With the worldwide networking of all devices and persons and the exponentially increasing amount of data, we reach the limit of what is humanly manageable. With artificial intelligence, we make this complexity manageable again, and we remain the decision-makers.

Replacement and upgrade ERP system

The replacement of an ERP system is a highly topical topic for all companies. The goal is to bring grown systems back to the standard in order to simplify the maintenance and structuring of them, which also results in changes for the organization and the workflows everywhere. In the past, the focus of corporate management was mainly on the introduction of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Due to the rapid digitization and the advent of new intelligent technologies, the replacement or upgrade process of an existing ERP system is becoming increasingly important for decision makers.

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